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Lee Breuer’s epic La Divina Caricatura shines at La Mama

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Health issues delayed the world premier of Lee Breuer’s new spectacle, La Divina Caricatura until last night. But the three-hour, multidisciplinary production, featuring actors, singers, musicians, puppets, puppeteers and a sound effects man, showed that Breuer, who is 76, remains a staggeringly vital creative mind. It opens tonight.

Tuesday night, we got a look at what is just the first part of a planned Caricatura trilogy at La Mama, in a co-production with St. Ann’s Warehouse. Its subtitle, The Shaggy Dog, is the essence of truth-in-titling: The show’s twisting plot tells the epic tale of a dog, Rose, who falls in love with her artist master, John, and the results are salacious and hilarious, heart-breaking and philosophically-charged. Read more…