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From Bowery to Bedford: Television Opens Rough Trade

IMG_4132Though there was a reunion album in 1992 and there have been sporadic regroupings every few years since, the band known as Television originally enjoyed a very brief time in the spotlight during the “punk” boom of CBGB’s in the mid-to-late-’70s. Although critics loved them, they sold very few records.

But their legend has lived on, growing considerably in the 21 years since their last album. Their first album, Marquee Moon, that has been the reason: A landmark of “punk” rock, the eight-song album, first released in 1977, was ranked No. 128 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums of All Time. Books have been written about it.

So when it was announced that Television would be the first band to play the new concert space at British record store Rough Trade’s new New York outpost in Brooklyn, the show sold out almost instantly. Read more…

Lou Reed modernized New York’s rock scene

imagesI’ve spent much of the last two days reading about, listening to, and scanning my memories of Lou Reed, who died on Sunday at 71.

I have mixed feelings about Reed. He changed rock music enormously, but not always for the better. He was inconsistent. His voice could be charming, and it was certainly recognizable, but it could also be a trial for those of us who appreciate decent pitch. His guitar playing was revolutionary at the start, but also, often, incredibly sloppy.

He made great albums: 1972’s nearly-perfect Transformer, 1974’s Rock and Roll Animal, 1982’s The Blue Mask, and 1989’s New York. And most of his other albums contain at least a couple of great songs. But he also got by on his legend and turned out some very forgettable records. Sally Can’t Dance, anyone?

But yeah, Reed is clearly a giant. And nowhere is that felt more than here in New York City, where his 1967 debut album, The Velvet Underground and Nico, changed New York’s music scene radically – and permanently. Read more…